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10 Questions to ask your Photographer; before Hiring them!

A wedding is a big event in one’s life and one that involves many decisions. In today’s times of Facebook and Instagram, photos have captured the imagination of everyone and we want to document and share these images with the world. Then, can wedding photos be left behind. Enter ‘The Wedding Photographer’. No longer are they the neighbourhood bhaiyya who runs the video shop along with doing photography during the wedding season. These are professionals who are specialized in taking photos of the myriad moods, activities, and people during the wedding. They take pride in their craft and will ensure that the pics of your big day resemble the fairy tale that you have always imagined.

Having such an important role to play, choosing the photographer can be as stressful as deciding the wedding dress. Here’s a look at the ten questions you should ask before hiring a photographer:

1.Is photography his or her main business? You need to have an idea of the knowledge and experience of the photographer. This will give you a sense of their abilities.

2.How long have they been doing wedding photography? Do they have some reference of reviews to look at? A very important question as it once again indicates experience. A body of reference or reviews is very helpful in determining this.

3.Have they photographed at the same venue earlier? If they have worked at the same venue before that’s a good sign as they will be more familiar with it and at ease, which in turn will help you be comfortable as well. If they haven’t ask them to visit the venue before the wedding. Both you and your photographer will be thankful for it later.

4.Is the photographer available on D-day? And what happens if he doesn’t show up? Confirm the date with the photographer and do check in with them before the day and on the day as well. Also it doesn’t hurt to have a backup, just in case your main photographer can’t make it.

5.Can they share a recently finished photoset? Seeing samples of the photographer’s work is important. Go through the albums very closely as it gives you a sense of their style and whether it matches with your own style sensibilities.
6.Are they willing to follow a shotlist? This is very subjective and while some photographers may be ok with following a shot list, others may not be so open. Before selecting, make sure your photographer loves to collaborate with important groups to capture their shots.
7.How are they different from other photographers? It is always fruitful to know the USP of your photographer, their style of working and level of customer service.
8.How soon after the weddings can they deliver the photos to you? The workflow of each photographer is different. Hence, it can take anywhere between one week to a month. So, its better to know the turn around time in advance and also should be clearly spelt out in the contract.
9.What about the packages and budget? There can be a variety of packages available. Mostly, these packages will include the cost of traveling, engagement shoots, high resolution images etc. Make sure you know the components of the package fully before signing the contract. If in doubt, it is absolutely ok to clarify.
10.How much deposit is required? Like it is a good idea to book the photographer in advance, it is an equally good idea to ask about the booking amount. Any slip up here can result in lot of stress later on or worst can result in you losing the photographer on your big day!

We, at Royale Frames have been part of the memories at many a wedding shoots and know how to make your day extra special. To see our wedding photography work, you can visit website RoyaleFrames. Feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments section below for the benefit of our readers.