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What is a Candid Wedding Shot List and why is it important?

Imagine this! It is a lazy Sunday afternoon, and you are basking in your post-honeymoon glow. Your Significant Other walks in excitedly,"Babe! The wedding photos are here." You practically snatch the laptop from your hubby's hands and click the photo link that the photographer has shared. The pics are beautiful! The moods of each event: the pre-wedding, engagement, sangeet, and wedding are beautifully captured. You are mentally deciding which pics to upload to your Facebook page when your SO says,"Arey! Simi aunty and unke poodle ki pics kahan hai?"

You are taken aback! Simi aunty is practically like a mom to you, and you absolutely wanted her to be in the wedding pictures. You browse through all the pics, and sure enough, she is nowhere to be found. You think,"How could this happen? The photographer better have a good reason for this or I am not paying him the rest of the amount." It turns out the photographer wasn't sure about how to include Simi aunty and her dog in the wedding narrative, and so he didn't take any pics of her.

They say a little bit of planning goes a long way and to avoid situations like the one above. You need to plan with your photographer for a 'Candid Wedding Shot List.' The candid wedding photography shot list is a list of must-have photos of all the individuals important to you during the various wedding events. Remember! Time is limited, and if you don't prioritize your shots, there is a chance of something or someone getting missed. So, sit down with your photographer and talk to him or her in detail about what is important to you and make a list of shots for each event. The shot list will allow him or her to focus on a few key shots instead of scrambling to capture everything.